We are delighted with the service DHL Electrical Services provided. They installed power to our out houses and shed, and installed security lights around our premises. They arrived when they said they would and provided a professional service at a competitive price. Mr & Mrs Jones, Mold

DHL Electrical Services have done all our electrical work for years. There's no other company I rely on in the area. Mr & Mrs J Palin, Ellesmere Port

I would like to thank DHL Electrical Services for you prompt response to my intitial enquiry and the quick efficient way in which you sorted out the electrical fault. I would not hesitate to use your services again and have recommended you to friends/family. Mr & Mrs G Lewis, Great Sutton

Our company went through several firms before we discovered DH Electrical Services. We have finally found a company that always responds quickly, sends expert professionals and can handle any problems from air conditioning to replacing worn-out cables

Terms :-
Our contract with you :-
These terms and conditions are all terms of the contract between you, the sendore of the shipment and us Omni Express when you give us your shipment, you accept our terms both for yourself and for anyone else who has an interest in the shipment.Our terms and conditions also protect anyone who we may contract to collect, transport or deliver your shipment. No employee of Omni Express or anyone else has any authority to change any of your terms or conditions, or make any promise on our behalf change any of our terms or conditions or make any promise on our behalf.
Shipment means all documents or parcel that travels under one airwaybill. You certify that shipment details are complete and accurate.
You appoint us as your agent to conduct Customs clearance and entry and certify Omni Express as consignee soley for the purpose of designating a Customs Broker to porform Customs clearance and entry.
We do not accept as a shipment anything that is restricted by IATA (International Air Transport Associates) or ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organisation)
You agree that we may open and inspect a shipment for any reason at any time. We charge according to the higher of actual or volumetric weight
You agree to pay all the shipment charges, and destination duties and taxes, for this shipment if the receiver or third party does not pay.
If you wish to claim for a lost (includes misdelivered) or damaged shipment.You must claim in writing.You must receive you claim within 30days from the date accepted your shipment
In respect of any one shipment our liability for any loss or damage however occasioned is limeited to the lowest of these three amounts:- US$ 50, OR. The actual amount of any loss or damage suffered by you
The lowest cost of the following amounts, determined as at the time and the place we accepted the shipment
Documents :-
The cost of reconstructing or reconstituting the document Parcels
The cost of repairing or replacing the parcel or.
The resale or fair market value of the parcel.
The actual value of a parcel cannot be more than the original cost to you plus 10 per cent.
We shall make every reasonable effort to deliver your shipment according to our normal delivery schedules but there are not guaranteed and do not form part of this contract. We are not liable for nay delays .
We are not liable if shipment is lost, damage or misdelivered because of circumstance beyond our control. These includes.All shipments under the airwaybill are carried at the owner's risk.Act of God for eg earthquake, cyclones, storm and flood. Force majeur, for example war, pane crash or embargo, any defect or characteristic do with the nature of the shipment even if known to us when we accept it. Any action or omission ny anyone outside Omni Express for example. The sender of the shipment. The receiver An interest third party Customs or other Government officals. The Postal Service, other carrier or other third party who we contract to serve locations that we do not serve directly. We are not liable even if the sender did not ask for or know about a third party arrangement. We are also not liable for electrical or magnetic damage to, or erasure of, electronic or photographics images or recordings.
We are not liable for the following, whether they arise in contract or any other form of civil action, including negligences and even if they are our fault.Consequential or special damages or loss Other indirect loss. Breach of other contracts.Consequential damages or loss includes but are not limited to lost income, profits, interest, markets and use of contracts.
If the transportation of as shipment involves an ultimate destination or stop in a country other than the country of departure, the Warsaw Convention may apply. T he convention governs and in most cases further limits , our liability for loss or damage to such shipment.
Omni Express Reserves the right to lien on any shipment till all the dues to Omni Express are paid in full respect of freight octroi, duties, service tax, taxes and nay other charges. Omni Express also reserves itsd right to deal with the shipment as it doors fir including the right to sell the goods of the shipper in order to recover all the dues.
Fuel Charges Extra:-
Service Tax @ 10.2% is levied on all the consignments as per the Government Finance Bill dated 10/9/2004.
Charges are applicable on actual weight or Volumetric (LxBxW (in cms)/6000) which ever is higher.
Deliveries are subjected to flight connections and customs clearance.
This proposal is subject to the standard terms and conditions of the trade as printed on the reverse of the Airways Bill.
If any change in address Rs.700.00 will be charged.
Any customs clearance charges to the consignee if not paid that shall be borne by the consigner.
Liquids, Contraband items and IATA restricted articles will not be entertained by OMNI.
Proper documents, declaration and invoice should be given for the Non-Dox shipments.
The mentioned rates are subject to change if any hike in Air or Cargo charges made by the Airlines with prior notice.
Rupees Fifty (Rs.50.00) will be charged extra for preparing the “Invoice” for Non-Documents.
This mentioned tariff is not applicable for chemical and medicine shipments, for special rates please call Ph : 040-55322289, 9393322289.
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